The Arc of the Sun

copper, brass, steel, fused glass, wood, lodestone, compass, sundial, (80cm wide x 70cm high x 20cm deep), 2021

A sundial calibrated to tell the time in London.

A compass inset into the sundial enables the positioning of the boat to point north. 

The mythic copper boat doesn’t alter the course of the needle, it is non-ferrous.

The extended brass gnomon points to the north star and is used to suspend a lodestone, this is an iron rich rock magnetised by lightening used as a second compass, an ancient way finder originated by the Chinese over 4000 years ago. 

Iron animals representing red list species have been loaded into the boat, they are all screwed.

The mythic boat is mounted on a brass plinth suspended above glass which have iron filings trapped inside, a magnetism forever fixed.

This modern narrative draws upon ancient stories, a dystopian ark on course to the underworld or into the future.

As the earth spins so the sun reveals our position in time, like a game of Russian roulette, how many spins do we have left until we too are screwed.

sculpture of a boat full of dead animals and a sundial