Compass Work

Lodestone orientations and the art of the compass. lodestones are naturally occurring iron rich rock which become magnetic after being struck by lightening. They are the only naturally occurring magnets which gave rise to the compass as a means of navigation.

“Food”, lodestone in a carved wooden spoon floating in a bowl of water. This reinvented hybrid compass is an acknowledgement of the early Chinese discoveries of magnetism and its use in Feng Shui.
‘Arcas’ Compass’ a reference to the Cretian discovery of Magnetite and the apocryphal use of a compass by the Greek god Pan to navigate a lost Arcadia. A mythical ancient land, unspoilt and pristine yet destroyed by the orderliness of civilisation.
“Jelly Compass”, did you know that jellyfish have magneto-reception which means they (like most other animals) can sense the earth’s magnetic field.
lodestone in wooden boat floating on oil
traditional needle compass in a turned wooden bowl
compasses used in “The Tempest Prognosticator”