degree show

Here’s my idea for the show.

It comprises of two mechanical sculptures.

The theme hinges on the fact that humans have lost their ability to sense the earths magnetic field that most animals possess – known as ‘magneto reception’.

This provides a metaphor for our disconnection with the earth. We as a species have literally lost our sense of direction.

these are compasses aligning North / South by means of various magnetic material :
1.Lodestone. 2.neodymium magnet. 3.lodestone. 4.magnetised steel needle
above is an overview of 7 totems and the central magnet beacon (human totem).
The other 7 totem towers are represented by various Red List species with magneto reception.

Another element to the rotating totems is sound. Discordant sound will be produced by a ‘music box’, which are pins being plucked by a ‘harp’ which resonates through a wooden box. These will be placed next to the base of each totem. Animals made up of protruding pins on a totem section make the discordant sound (not electronically amplified).

red list species playing discordant tunes

The whole piece will be mechanically driven by a series of cogs.

totems spinning and playing discordant sound as pins are plucked
example of animal with magneto reception – enamelled on copper inserts
burnt wood walking man
examples of experimental compasses being disoriented by red magnet

The Second sculpture is related to the totem sculpture but is a more of a macabre carnival of black iron filing creatures encased in glass domes.

rotating glass domes – creatures made of iron filings
the macabre carnival of magnetic souls enclosed in glass domes

The floor area needed would be around 2m x 2m for each mechanical sculpture. I will probably make a raised platform to put them on.

That’s the idea, it’d be nice to get feedback from you at some point if you have time – cheers